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Equator, the imaginary line around the world that divide the earth between North and South.
Equator, the real display door for your supermarket refrigerator to keep the cold and heat apart. Equatorial countries are hot with high humidity, yes equatorial climate is warm and humid, real tough conditions.

Equator supermarket doors are build tough, with pride and innovation to handle the toughest conditions energy efficiently.

To find a name for our supermarket door company was not easy, yes there was a lot of thinking into this. To design the equator door was not easy, but the decision to build the best supermarket door in the world was not negotiable. Equator doors are designed with a thermal break for Energy saving, and use the best glass technology for improved visibility.

Equator doors are easy to install and the hinge buddy make adjustment simple and effective.

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Equator display glass door

We embrace responsible manufacturing.

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